Home, comfy slippers, and chamomile

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

There's something about a pillow that's smooshed in all the right places.
There's something about a worn out welcome mat
destroyed by friends' shoes.
There's something about that spot on the carpet
red wax?
There's something about having a place to unpack after a long trip.
There's something about that coffee shop on the corner...

There's something about planting a flag...
and knowing the wandering is finished.

My heart is at home with Christ. The rest, you can find in Atlanta. ;)

Love. Calm. Gypsies.


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  1. Hey, Aubs! Long time no see or hen jiu bu jien! I don't know how to say it in Thai...although at the rate we are going I will have almost spent as much time there as here! Yep, we are on #4! ANYWAY, I got your blog from Alicia's blog and wanted to say "hey sooo "HEY!" It sounds like you are doing alright...maybe we can catch up sometime. We are only here for another 13 months (actually just a little less). Alicia said you kissed the ground in the airport when you landed...I think I might do the same! Well, the kids are fighting, so...ciao!
    Your ex-roomie,


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