Fouthird O' July

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It's nice to know that in a huge metro area such as the ATL, there are still pockets of Mayberry-esque land. The streets of downtown Norcross were like the streets of Smalltown, Missouri or Podunk, Texas. It was nice. Dang nice. Ok, it would have been nicer if the City of Norcross had sponsored that Octopus ride and some single, studly fellow had sponsored some post-fireworks fireworks... but I guess I've got to leave SOME fun for next year. ;)

Cheers to walking down the middle of Main.
Cheers to curly haired kids who still think fireworks are magic.
Cheers to hanging out on the grass with family.
Cheers to corndogs and cotton candy and
cheers to watching all the strangers in patriotic garb who are probably just as zany as you. :)

Gotta love it.
Yes, I do. Happy Fourth!


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