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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Heh. Here are some things saved in my Google query box. I'd like to see your list. :) J, O, X, and Z need some attention...nothing yet...

A-- aaa fuel cost calculator
B-- best carrot cake ever
C-- centennial olympic park
D-- destin
E-- ellijay
F-- francis chan
G-- georgia professional standards commission
H-- horrible carpet stains
I-- intermezzo
J-- **
K-- kodak gallery
L-- language of men
M-- macarena steps
N-- nickel creek
O-- **
P-- perimeter church
Q-- quicken
R-- regent college radio
S-- shakespeare cursing
T-- the history of chewing tobacco
U-- university of georgia
V-- virginia highlands
W-- world market
Y-- you tube
Z-- **

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