Thoughts on Ribs

Monday, July 30, 2007

DISCLAIMER-- A page from my journal...

The Lord could've created "woman" from clay, marble, chocolate, or fresh mountain water, but He didn't.

He knocked out his best Work, tore a huge hunk of flesh from Adam's side, and fashioned Eve around it.

Why? I wonder why He did it that way.
I wonder if Adam awakened from his nap with a tender scar down one side and looked around for someone to hurt. ?
Or maybe there was no pain in the Garden... in which case, Adam awakened freshly healed with a naked lady in his yard. Poor kid. Must be rough having The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit playing matchmaker.

Maybe the Lord had to give Eve something of Adam's so he'd go looking for it. :)

Ribs. Gotta love 'em. Do de dooo.


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