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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yeah, my folks are moving to Kentucky. Mom, Dad, you're crazy gypsies. :) In honor of Kentucky, some facts:

1. Cheeseburgers were first served in Louisville.

2. Cumberland is the only waterfall in the world to regularly show a moonbow. It's near Corbin, KY.

3. A couple of sisters in Louisville created "Happy Birthday to You".

4. Pikeville leads the nation in Pepsi consumption every year.

5. A Kentuckian invented the radio.

Thank you, Kentucky. Good luck, folkies. You'll do great wherever you go, but dang it (!), I wish you'd try ATL!


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  1. Hey, if your parents are still there in a year, most likely I will be too. We are hoping to be back there for Tim to do more school. We are still waiting to see if he has been accepted. It'd be great to get to see you!!! I could make you some Thai food...ha ha! Oh, I'll be back in Thailand for another 3 months just after Thanksgiving. Sawasdeekah!


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