Scary, Angry Toll Man

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ok, calling all men for some insight:

I'm driving up 400 as I'm prone to do, unfortunately.

I'm heading toward the toll stop and realize I need a cashier (I'm changeless as I'm prone to be).

There are a few cars in front of me in the cashier line and I'm looking around (I'm a social driver, what can I say?).

So, I just happen to make eye contact with the dude in front of me in his side mirror. He looks so ANGRY that I'm almost scared. I look back and confirm: Yep, he's still super angry looking. I pull down my visor so I won't accidentally look again. I nickname him "Scary Angry Man".

Then, when I get to the cashier, she says, "You're good, honey. The car ahead of you paid your toll."

EH? WHY would Scary Angry Man (SAM) have paid my toll? Is hiding behind my visor because I think a man may be possessed considered FLIRTING?

Maybe it's a lesson that sometimes, expressions can be misleading.
...or maybe I shouldn't be such a social driver...

You can take a girl from the country, but... dooodedooo



  1. Aubs the guy was angry until he seen a was a really attractive and sweet looking gal, then he decided maybe he could gain points with you by paying your toll. Remember the comercial on tv where the gal pays the guys dry cleaning bill? It's kind of like that, only reversed. Maybe you should try paying some dudes dry cleaning or toll if you think he's hot. LOL

  2. Hi sweetie, this is your father. Watch out for the posting folks who try and sell you property in Costa Rica!!


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