Sunday, November 25, 2007

What is a bezier?

My screensaver is hypnotic. You know it has been a wild week when you can stare for 3-minutes at a screensaver. hrrrmmm...

Thanksgiving Ponderings

The Official Stuffing Challenge of 2007 is over. I'm leaving cornbread stuffing to Southern Grannies. Mine was bland and soggy. I have found a new love in brocolli au gratin. Yowza. Sweet potato pie. Love it. French silk, cranberries, ... would a plate of leftovers count as a carry-on?

Florida is hilarious during the holidays. Picture Bermuda shirts, shorts, bright blue Christmas lights, and a blow up Santa chilling in the yard with a BBQ.

I want more holiday traditions in my life. Three cheers for mistletoe, decorating, live trees, and advent. What are some other good ones?

Why do I always get the "lucky you" tag at the airport and get searched? It's time to buy a lottery ticket.

Tomorrow, it's back to the routine.
3 weeks and 4 days until Christmas break! Who's counting? ;)

Love. Hugs. Holidays.


Sunday, November 18, 2007


We've always been a stylish pair. ;) Do you think the neighbors thought we were homeless?


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Purpose and Intentions

Man! Life goes by so fast. Intentions are nothing. Intentions are really good ideas that I let slip by because I'm lazy. Intentions are things I never really meant to do in the first place (or I would, right?).

Purpose is having a plan. Purpose is something I've wrapped my life around. It's something I feel like the Lord has called me to in this season of my life. What are your specific purposes for me, Lord?

Number One:
36-months and I'll be debt free! I've got a plan, baby, and by the grace of God, I'll get there.

Aubrey J

Talkin 'bout myyy girl :)

Skylar, you're gorgeous!
I love ya!