Julie Rocks!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tonight, we went to Julie's engagement party (there is absolutely nothing better than discovering the hidden ping pong table in the basement of ye-olde-fancy-host-of-the-party-house). Julie, I'm so happy for you! I'm so happy you're so happy. :) And Jeff, you give one heckuva toast, man. :o)

I love friends. The other night, Julie reminded me of two things. You know those times when you friends tell you things and it's like the Lord is saying, "LISTEN! Are you Listening??" :) Weeelll.......

1. The most important thing in a relationship (any relationship) is that Christ is the center.

2. Each person in your life is a gift. It's not a question of "Am I what they need?" and "Are they what I need?", it's a matter of "Lord, why did you bring this person into my life and what are your plans in this?" Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in my own plans, I forget my life isn't exactly MINE to plan anymore. Every person we enounter is a gift from the Lord and vice versa.
That's g o o d s t u f f.

Tis the season to gift yourself. and re-gift yourself. ;)
Thanks for my friends, Lord.


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