My Favorite Bum

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Every day, I drive a heckuva haul to get home from work. Every day, I pass this spot where Interstate 20E hits Interstate 85N in downtown ATL. Right where they merge, there's an overpass. Right under the overpass, there's always a bedroll with a little pillow. Sometimes, traffic is bad and I look around.... wondering if the homeless dude/tte will return "home" while I sit in my car.

I really want to adopt my bum and drop some goodies off for Christmas. The problem is, I can't find a place to pull over and I don't know if it's a shebum or a hebum (though I guess the least of a bum's worries is what color his coat is). The other thing is, what if it's a cracked out bum and he catches me over by his stuff? I would think a homeless person would get pretty testy to find a stranger approaching his roll.

SO--I have a dilemma. All I want for Christmas is to be able to drop off some canned goods, a coat, a good book, and maybe some socks to this Mystery Bedroll Dweller. I'm just not really sure how to make it happen. I'd like even better to invite them home for Christmas, but that would be looney.

Maybe I can start by throwing letters out my window in old soda bottles??

Help. I need a strategy.


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