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Monday, February 4, 2008

There is a mystery thumping upstairs.

Theory 1: Mom and Dad are teaching Junior (who looked about 3 at last sighting) how to be a young pro shot-put-ist. The hours just before midnight are prime practice time for toddler track and field competitors.

Theory 2: Whoever is the cook upstairs is making chicken cordon blue for everyone at work and is using a mallet to beat chicken breasts into 1/2 inch thickness. 10:30 is a better time to start this project than 6 am tomorrow-- before work.

Theory 3: The couple upstairs is "moving their old couch"..... and table.... and chairs ... and dropping each piece of furniture once or twice, just for fun.hrrmmm...

Theory 4: *has been deleted*

Theory 5: They're nailing a giant kitty gym (eeeeesh!!) into the floorboards of their apartment and want to make sure Freckles is safe when she flings her feline self from one carpeted branch to the next.

If only I could buy a house. Five years to go. Ish. HUD anyone?

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