Brake Jobs and Public Transit

Sunday, May 4, 2008

In a shop, the average cost is about 600 smackies.

carb spray-- for cleaning the oil residue off the new rotors $1.70
new rotor (per wheel)-- $35
wheel cleaner-- while I'm down there, I might as well clean those beasts $5.00
brake pads-- $25 (per wheel)-- ceramic pads would be nice, but the benefits are mainly cosmetic.

Maybe the folks at the auto parts store will lend me these things and I won't have to buy them.

1.5 ton jack-- $25
4-way/lug wrench-- $10


OOOOOOooooooooook. My Dad has a lot of sense. Yes, it would be fine for me to do my own brakes if I had done them a few times under the supervision of an expert. (Videos from expertvillage probably don't count ;) ) I DO owe it to my fellow motorists to make sure my brakes are in good working order. Bad brakes are not like a bad paint job. Yes, Atlanta traffic is HARD on breaks. Yes, the cost of commuting is one I will not be paying in the future. Yes, I owe it to MYSELF to be sure it's a sound job.

Here's my beef. It seems like there are a few professions: medical, law, auto, etc. in which there is a secret body of knowledge that the general public doesn't know. Because of this, professionals can charge outrageous amounts of money for being experts in their fields. Why can't an expert apple tree trimmer get paid as much for his expertise? Why can't an expert stained glass muralist get paid as much for her expertise? Why can't an expert teacher get paid as much for his expertise? Uh huh, I said it.

I guess it reflects our values as a society. We value or lives, living those lives out of jail, and our independence (which...unfortunately in the ATL area, requires a personal set of wheels).

Meineke? UGH. UGH.

What a gorgeous day!


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  1. capitalism and monopolization sure does have its ups and downs!


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