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Sunday, July 27, 2008

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It's a book subtitled: the Navajo Marines of World War Two. You can find it in the "Teen Reads" section of your local bookstore. It's an entire world I haven't explored enough. After the heinous way "white man" treated Native Americans following the arrival of boatloads from the East, THIS is what the National Tribal Council wrote in response to the possibility of war in 1940--

Whereas, the Navajo Tribal Council and the 50,000 people we represent, cannot fail to recognize the crisis now facing the world in the threat of foreign invasion and destruction of the great liberties and benefits which we enjoy on the reservation, and

Whereas, it has become common practice to attempt national destruction through sowing the seeds of treachery among minority groups such as ours, and

Whereas, we hereby serve notice that any un-American movement among our people will be resented and dealt with severely, and

Now, therefore, we resolve that the Navajo Indians stand ready as they did in 1918, to aid and defend our government, and its institution against all subversion and armed conflict and pledge our loyalty to the system which recognizes minory rights and a way of life that has placed us among the greatest people of our race.

Wow. And the Navajo became some of the fiercest fighters in WWII. Hooyah. Cheers to those of you who remember the old ways. Cheers to forgiveness. What a powerful thing.

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Peter O'Neill

Friday, July 11, 2008

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This is a painting I saw while walking by Peter O'Neill's gallery in Charleston. What an amazing artist! This painting makes me want to tango. Immediately. Forever. :)

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The Peach--- Reflecting on Two Years

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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Man, it is hard to believe I've been in Atlanta almost TWO years. Someone told me it takes three years to become an "honorary peach." I'm not sure the native
ATL-ians I know would agree, but who can really be the final authority on Peach-hood?

I'm finding that sometimes when every doorknob you turn is locked, it's because you're meant to climb through the window and discover something new. What am I talking about? Well, Atlanta is an example of that for me.

About two years ago, I was in a pretty grey place. A friend I considered a life mentor passed away and the church family that played a major role in shaping my ideas crumbled. Everything that I thought was true became questionable. I decided to move to Colorado and go to grad school---only to discover at the last minute that the financial aid I counted on was unavailable. So, I moved to Texas to spend time with my folks and organize my thoughts. In Texas, I felt like I was hitting a wall everywhere. I had interviews with middle schools, Central Market (an AWESOME TX type version of Whole Foods), applied at clothing stores, went out and met people, tried different churches, hung out with my folks... nothing was coming easy. Every doorknob I turned was locked. Then, I met a stranger from Atlanta and started researching. I applied for a few jobs and immediately had an opportunity to interview. I packed up my car and decided to give it a go. I "climbed through the window." Had things been easier in Texas, I might not have ever come to Georgia and my entire life would be different.

Wilbur and Orville Wright learned mechanics in their printing and bicycle shops. What if they never felt a push/desperation to explore aeronautics? Einstein once couldn't find a teaching job and went to work in the patent office--during which time he also worked on many of his most famous projects. Steven Speilberg dropped out of middle school only to become the highest earning director of all time. Mr. Honda was a jobless, homemade scooter maker until his friend's requests for scooters inspired him to start his own company. Paul Newman pursued acting after an injury ended a blooming football career. Sometimes, the things that we see, in the moment, as c r a z y, impulsive, disappointing detours --- become the things that absolutely reshape our life contribution. Sometimes, the "right" way to come home isn't through the obvious door, it's through the window.

Mark Twain once said, "Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered - either by themselves or by others." Maybe discovery happens for those who let go of their own plans and follow their hearts.

Looking for the window. Going to s l e e p. Call me, Mom.


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The Last Huzzah!

Monday, July 7, 2008

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Finally, we took Ed Grimball's Walking Tour of Charleston! I was so excited and Mr. Grimball was such a shining example of Charleston's hospitality. It was a really good tour and gave me a new respect for those who work hard to preserve history instead of allowing corporations to bully-doze national treasures. Man, there were flower boxes EVERYWHERE! Any city with a beach and a profusion of flower boxes is the diggity.
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More Charleston

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Here's our day on the beach. Of course, it was packed. There was a volleyball tournament going on, the water was warm ... and no, Dad, I didn't have to wrestle any crocs. :) What a gorgeous day! Later that night, we had dinner and walked around downtown.
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Love ya, Charlie!! See you soon.

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Here's a portrait of the trip to Charleston. What a dang good time in an awesome city!

The festival at Patriot's Point. The USS Yorktown was called "The Fighting Lady" during World War II. It was pretty cool to celebrate the Fourth in a town brimming with sailors and street dancers! Wooohooo!
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Independence Day MIX TAPE (ok..."playlist")

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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Five hours in the car with friends warrants a festive audio environment. Here's what I've created for our trip (I'm so excited!) I know...there are a lot of tracks. I couldn't chose. I moved them around a little...but here's the list.

1. The Star Spangled Banner/ Blues Travelers
2. Fortunate Son/ CCR
3. Summer Nights/ Lil Rob
4. Back Where I Come From/ Kenny Chesney
5. In the Summertime/ Shaggy
6. Living in America/ James Brown
7. This Land is Your Land/ Everclear
8. Independence Day/ Martina McBride
9. Sweat/ Inner Circle
10. The Star Spangled Banner/ Muri Ben-Ari
11. Brown Eyed Girl/ Van Morrison
12. Sweet Southern Comfort/ Buddy Jewel
13. Mission Temple Fireworks Stand/ Paul Thorn
14. American Car/ Mike Doughty
15. Route 66 / Chuck Berry
16. Firecracker/ Josh Turner
17. Starry Eyed Surprise / Oakenfold
18. Summertime / Old Men on the Block ;)
19. Summer Breeze / Jason Mraz
20. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay / Otis Redding
21. This Land is Your Land / Little Feat
22. Car Song / Woody Guthrie
23. Firecracker / Ryan Adams
24. You are the Generation That... / Johnny Boy
25. Celebration Guns / Stars
26. A Jamaican in New York / Shinehead
27. We're an American Band / Grand Funk Railroad
28. Days of America / BlackHawk
29. Stars and Stripes Forever / Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
30. The Star Spangled Banner (Live) / Hendrix

Ok, time to get PACKED!

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