Saturday, September 6, 2008

September 4, 2008

Dear Gram,

You wrote that you first moved to Rapid City during the Indian Summer of 1954 to work as a clerk-stenographer at Ellsworth AFB. You met Grandpa your very first night in town.

You didn't tell me this, but according to Gramps, you were window shopping at a jewlery store with Mary Mudge. ALC, a young man with a passion for good rocks (stellar, geological or otherwise), paused to check out a woman with such good taste.

Two summers later, the two of you married. I wish I had asked you about the specifics--what was it about GP that drew you? Knowing you preferred Toby Keith over Frank Sinatra, I will venture a guess that he said something about iolite in that deepwater bass of his and you were Intrigued. Gramps might say the draw was magnetic--like a strong positive and negative helpless to resist their ionic attraction. However it began, you built and refined a relationship that lasted over 50-years.

You moved to New York, Jersey, El Paso, South Dakota, Germany, Spokane, El Paso again, California, Nevada ... and finally, back to South Dakota. Rapid City was, you said, not too far from GP's Nebraska stomping grounds.

It's hard to believe there won't be any more letters. I guess when the Lord's trumpet sounds, we won't need typewriters. Somehow, I needed to write one more time.

Thank you for being a strong woman with real opinions. Thank you for raising my mom--who is a favorite of mine. :) Thank you for taking care of GP and your boys. Thank you for writing me back and establishing the "birthday dress" tradition.

Gram, I don't feel quite ready to let you go--but neither of us is in charge and the more grey hair I find, the more I realize it's better that way.

Until we meet again...

Love. Love. Love.


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