Thursday, October 30, 2008

walmart insanity

Tonight, I spoke with my first WalMart manager. In fact, I spoke with my first manager ever (on the customer side, that is). Tonight, I almost smeared blue vest across Wally's yellow smileys. I almost lost it.

You know you're at the end of your rope when a bulldozing punk at WalMart makes you cry (After I got to my car, thank you). Sometimes, you just have to stand up for yourself--whether it creates a fistfight situation or not.

It's official. I'm taking a day off next week.

Sometimes, when I have days like this, I look to my journals to remember how good the Lord has been and how alive He is... even in the face of my anger, the sludge in the world, and the sense of entitlement that hangs in the air.

So, here's November, three years ago:

His is a beauty that messes with me. It's the blues in the sky that breeze a calm I can't reject. It's the rhythm of a song that stirs me up--so my stomach is in my toes and my toes in my stomach. It's so personal sometimes that I wonder if He put calves in a field just so He could tell me about them. It's so original that rhinos have single horns and tree branches rustle in late fall. It's so consuming that without it, I would be hollow.


Lord, show me your beauty again. I want to surrender again.


** Pretty cool--I was thinking about sunsets after posting this and some of the photos I've taken over the years. They've always represented redemption and forgiveness to me. The pic below fell out of my journal (Thanks, Lord :) ) , so I took a snapshot.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Maybe it's time for some macaroni pizza

So, today was the kind of day I actually looked at a stoplight and wondered: Is red the one that means stop? It was the kind of day when I probably would have forgotten how to spell "and" if I could have.

I was driving home the usual way when I passed a usual corner stoplight. Only today, a 17-year-old guy wearing all black stood on the corner. He was wearing an iPod and playing air guitar with the Cici's Pizza "Come and Get it, Bertha!" sign like it was Jimi's Les Paul. There's a certain camaraderie at stoplights--like the "we're in this together", "traffic sucks", "isn't this the longest light ever?" kind and I couldn't help but wonder if the other drivers were about to cough up an intestine as I was...laughing with this crazy Jimi on the corner. Only a few of them seemed to be paying attention.

Their loss. That kid has a real genius for advertising. Going where no pizza suit has gone before... I hope he's there tomorrow. :)