Peter Pan Passed

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fantasy is fun
To brandish a sword,
To befriend pirates,
Inch across planked boards

Nothing beats
To have royal blood,
To sling noon's twin guns.

To advise great kings
To lasso the bandits,
To outwit the Brain
and wear his best spandex.
To digest bear poison
and skip home for lunch,
To stop the meteor
with a casual hunch.
To scale stacked windows,
To drive polished cars,
To win all the races,
To bend prison bars.

Fantasy is fun,
Sweat and blood showered
Rapunzel the Sweet
In her cold tower.

Fantasy is fun,
But sometimes it's not
To be on your own;
It's not as you thought.

The plank is a scrap from Dad's latest build;
The cape is a blanket with holes and yarn pills.
The sword is a stick you grabbed from the yard;
Doorknobs won't steer home, though you turn them real hard.

Peter Pan Passed
Rapunzel's split ends
Tarnished her beauty
We call them "pretend"

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  1. Is this yours?! I really love it. Keep them your pace, leisure, and discretion. :)

    I really like it.


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