Cycling is a little Funny

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I went to a cycling class the other night and it kicked by butt. It was probably the best workout I've had in a year. It was also pretty fun to find myself warped into The World of Bicyclists. I should've worn my "I'm a Newbie" t-shirt. Nah, I sure didn't need a t-shirt.

10. I forgot my biker spandex.

9. I was kicking it with run-o-de-mill Adidas.

8. I was the one reluctant to leave "the saddle".

7. I was the one nursing numb buns. Do bicyclists work up a tolerance for that?

6. I was the one distracted by all the sculpted Man Leg. I guess I know what to do to get my legs in shape.

5. I was the one bopping more to the Motely Crue than the rhythm of the bikers on the simulation screen in front of us.

4. I was the one sitting almost upright. How do they ride hugging the bar like that?

3. I only vaguely know about Critical Mass.

2. I don't even have a bike right now.

1. I was the one knocking myself out with my knees and the pedals when I'd try to slow down. Easy, Wheels...Eaaaaasy.

Good Times. Thanks, bicyclists, for graciously welcoming me into your simulated workout world. I'll be back. fo sho.


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