Well, Isn't that Special :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dana Carvey cracks me up. Check out his HBO Special: Squatting Monkeys Tell no Lies. :o) Haah.larious.

So, one thing I know: celebrations are what you make them. If you don't bring the confetti, sparkling candles, Trans-Siberian Orchestra Mix, Santa hats, and orange zested sweet potatoes to the party -- who will?

Two: If you (*I*) can't be with family for the holidays, there are plenty of kids in hospitals and older folks in homes who could use a hug and a smile as much as family-scattered you (*moi*).

Three: There's something really cool about holiday traditions. I don't have too many, so I'm going to build my own. Next year, I'm going to some type of holiday concert, adding an ornament to my animal ornament collection, visiting some lonely elderly folks, and hosting a chill "get in the spirit" party before the madness hits in December. :) I really need to sit down and watch The Christmas Story from start to finish. ;)

Plans. Grinch B. Gone. Joy. Saturday Night.


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