Buzzard, Bogie, Albatross, and Birdie

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today I went golfing for the first time and have come to the following conclusions:

1. Golfing is a sport of courtesy.
Fore! Waiting until a preceding group has cleared a hole, remaining silent during the swinging process, wearing tidy collars and creased trousers. Golf would be more likely to have secret handshakes than cheerleaders, I think. Champions of golf might be more fond of a congratulatory Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac than a back-slapping Beamish Irish Stout.

2. Golfing is very pretty.
Even ancient men look pretty (c'mon, not in a girly way!) swinging a club, connecting, and following through. It's so smooth. Then, sometimes... if the driver scrapes sand, sparks really do fly. Very cool. The courses themselves are also very manicured, rolling, and lovely (though a little squishy and dead in January). It's very peaceful and calming to go walking in well-treated (sans divets)grass.

3. Golfing is a sport of both precision and accuracy.
The golfer and the caddy consider so much before swinging. It is absolutely NOT a sport for the speedy. This I learned the hard way (Aubrey, slow down. Aubrey, slow down. Hey Aubs, keep your feet still. Aubs, you have dancing feet). Heh. Ok, after 8-hours, I think I can call myself a "beginner" rather than an "ignoramus". I'm not ready for plaid shorts, though. fo real.

Good, good times with good, good friends. What a cool way to spend a January Sunday. Maybe there will be others. :)

Stogee, Par, Titleist 3.


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