I'd have loved him, too-- part one

Monday, January 12, 2009

When I was a kid, I put together a few driveway theatre productions with the neighborhood kids, lemonade stands for Blue Angels pilots, and detailed plans to build bicycle carts that would function like simple cars. (hmmm...) When I wasn't working on my latest project, I would bike around the neighborhood and ponder three things (loopy kid):

Why does the pastor always say we should fear God?
Why did God give Solomon a special wish and wisdom?
Why did God love David so much?

I still think about these things in the moments (like these) when I should be asleep (mixed in, of course, with Laird Hamilton, chocolate cake, school plans, good music, and mild regrets).

From 1 Chronicles, 1 Samuel, and Andy's Morning Talk-- Liberties taken, thank you. :)

I'd Have Loved Him, Too

Jesse, the weathered, and Nitz, his lady
had David as a sunset baby
Youngest of his family's men
He cared for the flocks and ran Dad's errands.

The Lord trained David on the barren hills
To guide and protect his father's wealth
David killed bears and lions in honor
of the glory it would bring his father.

He held dumb sheep with an open hand
because they bore Jehovah's brand
What sense did it make to hoard from the Gifter,
Who planted the pearls and buried the silver?

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