Scandinavian Night

Friday, January 30, 2009

A good Scandinavian Night includes

--A standard Northernlands chick flick in which the leads spout colorful speech including, "Oh, fer crying in the beer cheese soup!" and "oooh, holy balls!"

--A trip to the Ikea cafe (apparently the only Swedish food in ATL) where one can find lingonberry jam, prolific numbers of meatballs, and the absolute best deals on cheaply cute furniture in the country.

--A contest in which one friend attempts to use "You betcha" in conversation with a stranger more often than the other friend. (I kick "you betcha" fan-nay).

--A bright blue dress (dangit, winter! I had to forgo the dress).

--A trip to the gym chain sauna room and then a nature run through the frigid 40-degree tundra...errrr...parking lot. (saving this one for the n e x t Scandinavian Night).

Good times, good friends, ooooh, fer fun, ya know.

Ooofta. Cheese Curds. Tubed salmon spread.


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