Single in the City this Saturday Night

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I've reached an age where most of my friends are married (a few, twice).
I've reached an age where culture says I should be having "adult relationships."
I've reached an age where I know what I want and I'm not playing g-ames.

There is a critical difference between someone who is looking to fill an empty field in their homelife spreadsheet and a person who is interested in having Long-term Lifebuilding Fun with a specific other person.

Spreadsheet Style: Eager Spudnick Jehosophat Johnson invites Tina Twirler out for pasta and conversation about what he is looking for in a mate. Tina listens, wondering if this is her official eval. Tina thinks the pheremones are lethargic during the Italian meal, but wonders if they might be a little more active over an intense game of Tekken 2. So, she joins Spudnick the following week for some digital roundoffing and uppercutting courtesy Nintendo. Spudnick mentions how much he hopes his future wife will be willing to convert to Judaism. Tina wishes him luck with that, sees the pheremones fall from the sky as a mass, and looks around for her hat and gloves. Spudnick is a solid, friendly sort -- but he's looking for Spreadsheet Slot Girl, so he can't (and won't) be seeing Tina.

Long-term Lifebuilding Fun: Sheri's friend cons her into going to a club on a Navy base one Saturday night for dancing. John, who felt the uncommon urge to get out of the house that evening, is also at the club. After swaying with a few others, John asks Sheri to dance. Neither of them ever having danced before this night, it's an awkward ... yet oddly comfortable ... turn around the floor. John invites Sheri to hear some music. Sheri learns that John is not just another California boy. They're young and have no spreadsheets, but know that they really like spending time together. So, they do... and they have.

So, that's it. I'm not the spreadsheet slot kinda girl. I'm pretty happy doing my thing. I'll never wedge myself into some guy's empty field. That's all I'm saying.

Games Ova. B&N. No-bake Cookies (coconut, not peanut butter)



  1. I think this runs in your family. :)

  2. How'd you know? :) Hey, congrats on your Long-Term Lifebuilding Fun embarkment! :) I was so bummed to miss it...I blew a head gasket and about a grand to fix it, so couldn't make the trip. :(


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