The Giant Golden Tamarind Incident

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday, we almost died.

I was part of a weekend production team. Our goal was to create a thought-provoking, visually stimulating one-minute advertisement (:op) to showcase our friend, TW, as the only truly qualified candidate for the job of Tropical-Island-Caretaker (She's applying for a job with the Queensland Board of Tourism).

Jules, the Executive Producer and Lead Cameraperson on the job, decided a shot of TW with the Atlanta skyline in the background would be just-the-thing. So, we hopped in a few cars and trekked to the 17th Street Bridge. We parked on a side street near a fancy Thai restaurant and walked four-deep across the wide sidewalk, pausing to peek in the restaurant windows.

As we approached the corner, Jules stopped to consider the Giant Golden Tamarind statue where the restaurant frontage met the sidewalk.

"What the heck is this?? It looks somewhat like a nature poo I took when we were camping last month", she said. "I didn't think anyone would use it as statue inspiration."

"It's a tropical fruit", I argued, "They use it in Mexican candy and Thai sauces and stuff. Why would they put poo in front of a restaurant?"

So, as we stood there arguing about the fruity/poo-like qualities of the Giant Golden Tamarind, there was a loud crash, a sound of peeling tires, and a white car jumped the curb and sped toward us on the sidewalk going about 30 mph.

Jules yelled, "RUN!" My life flashed before my eyes as I ran with my friends back toward the parking lot. It happened so fast. The next thing I was aware of was the smell of coolant as the white car crashed into the (apparently concrete) Giant Golden Tamarind Statue and stopped.

JF checked to see that everyone was ok, Jules called the police, Atlanta drivers honked because they couldn't get around the three cars involved, and I couldn't help but wonder...

What if we handn't stopped to check out that sculpture? We would've been right on the corner and probably would have been hit.

It was absolutely the grace of God that no one was hurt.

I can't believe the Lord used potty humor and a Giant Golden Tamarind to save our lives/keep us from injury.

That's hilarious to me.

Alive. Footage. Frontage.


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