Thursday, January 1, 2009

A sacrifice of praise. Hmmm...

To ask if our praise is a sacrifice? What the LORD gave is a sacrifice. When we praise, we join in with those who have been praising Him since the dawn of creaton and we say, "Agreed".

The Lord has an exalted place. That's the way it is. He is praised. That's the way it is. Those in the outer courts are just waiting for the chance to join in. We have the chance n o w-- to join in the praising of the exalted God.


I hope this year will be a year of praise. This year, I will write real letters--address and mail them. I will hold tenaciously to joy, learn how to fight instead of flight, and remember lost loves (like READING non-work-related books). Ok...I'm also going to smoke a cigar (if I have to bite the end off with my teeth; no more missed opportunities!), go line-dancing, and explore some Springsteen. :o)

Woohoo. High School Reunion. 2009. Resolved.


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