The President's Vocabulary List

Monday, February 9, 2009

The President's Vocabulary List

1. bellicose: inclined to start wars
2. overture: a step toward more steps
3. prudent: marked by wisdom or George Bush the First
4. exorbitant: bigger than usual
5. stalwart: marked by vigor of mind or spirit
6. envoy: a governmental posse
7. tank (v.): to suffer rapid collapse
8. proliferate: to reproduce freely
9. retrofit: to adapt to a new purpose.
10. stimulus: something that rouses to activity

The President's ....Eh?

1. When they start characterizing this as "pork" without realizing there are no earmarks. Pork without earmarks is no pork at all.
2. [some were thinking] I came up here and "gin'ed up" to spend. Eh?
3. In fact, the party is over. I think the party has moved to China. No? 4. The problem ... "shaky assets"... Those are always a problem. Dang shaky assets.

The Points as I Saw Them

1. Are we creating four-million jobs and laying the foundation for growth?
2. Our immediate job is to stop the downward spiral.
3. The people in Elkhart can't afford it.

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