Exotic Pets?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Apparently, on February 16, a Stamford, CT chimp named Travis mauled a woman. She lost most of her face and her hands in the attack. Police saved the woman, but killed Travis. The pros in Cincinatti are hoping to reconstruct her face.

What reason would Travis have for tearing a woman apart? Before running across this article, I was under the impression that chimps were intelligent, peaceful sorts.

In 2005, Mr. St. James Davis and his wife were visiting a former pet of theirs (Moe)at an animal ranch in California. It was Moe's 39th birthday, so the couple was carting a cake. As they stood outside Moe's cage, two other chimps ran over and attacked Mr. Davis. Davis lost his nose, cheeks, lips, an eye, most of his fingers, etc. (yes, etc.)

The truth? Male chimpanzees are fiercely territorial and especially aggressive around eligible female chimpanzees. Moe, the birthday-chimp I mentioned above, was restricted to the ranch only a f t e r he bit another neighborhood woman's finger off. Cake. Schmake.

So, folks, keep your chimp treats to yourselves. That's all I'm saying. It's all fine and furry 'til someone loses a face. The animal 98.4% genetically similar to humans? Yikes.

Mowgli. Concrete Jungle. Marley. Pit Bulls. Springfield. Sleep.


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