Ode to accidental dialing

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In December, I got a new phone because I wanted to be able to send and view pictures. It turns out my service provider, not my phone, was the problem, but I digress. This new phone is more high-maintenance than my previous flippers, and must have its face locked when not in use, or it will retailiate by dialing randomly.

I admit . . . My "handbag" is a wild place. Its contents are shaken, slammed, tossed, and stirred more often than not. The bag usually swings against my hip as I walk and (I find out later when browsing my missed call list) throws the corner of my wallet into the buttons on my phone. My phone is an eager-dialer. One of its favorite dials is "77644".

This evening, I was walking down into the sunny basement where I live, and I heard this ringing as if some contestant on a radio-show-turned-down was about to win a prize. I got a little freaked out because I don't have a radio. I heard this twangy, "Hello... Hello?" and froze on the stairs. I dug for my phone, saw it lit up, and learned that it had just called "D", the recently-engaged "Sometimes-blind-dates-are-dishonest-about-their-curves" guy I hung out with that one time. Heh. Hm. Um. Congrats on your engagement, "D". *Machacaré mi teléfono!*

Moral of the story: D E L E T E that Charleston tour guide I stuck in my phone in case we needed to contact him while in town; D E L E T E that guy I always wanted to take me fishing; D E L E T E that guy I bought furniture from on Craigslist...

... and return to my old phone as soon as possible. :) Mmmmm... I might do an iPhone someday, but only if it flips!

Returning to my fave. Photo booths. Summer job. Sometimes, there's something *so r i g h t* about going back.


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