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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My friend J is a former basketball pro and an avid follower of Tennessee lady college ball. Recently, I told her I was planning on playing in the eighth-grade student v. staff basketball game and she said, "Aubs, you h a v e to get out of it." Heh. Hrmm. Eeeh?

I didn't get out of it. I played. I should rephrase that: I ran back-and-forth across the gym, waved my arms around, and looked confused while all of my students, the kids I sing to in the hallway, and the staff watched. During my entire circus performance, I somehow managed to feel completely invisible. At one point during the game, I asked a student of mine (a fierce opponent at the time) where I should be standing. Folks, they call those skills. :P Put on a pair of Air Aubreys and see how high you can jump. That's right.

In middle school, my family lived in the farmland of the Pacific Northwest. We had a garden, an old horse shed, and a half-court in the "yard". This half-court taught me everything it knew about basketball. Apparently, that wasn't much. ;) Since then, I've wondered if I'd ever get the chance to hone my skills.

Here's what I learned on the court last week:

1. Basketball is not "my thing"-- I don't have to wonder anymore if perhaps I should be giving basketball more of my time. I've given it enough time. Game over. It's time to focus on things I really enjoy.

2. The pressure is OFF--Now, when I shoot hoops (if anyone ever lets me back on the court) ;) I will be over my dramatic inner-monologue and will be able to have fun.

3. Sometimes, it's only in-the-sweat-of-it that I realize what I want. Had I never played, I might always wonder if my life was missing baskeball. Now I know, I want something other than dribbling and passing.

4. A team really is stronger than an individual. In order to be a good leader, you have to know every player's strengths and weaknesses and milk them. In order to be good to yourself, you have to recognize what you want and don't want and only volunteer for things you really want. EVERYONE will benefit. :)

I'd say the game was worth it.
Sleep. immediately....nownownow.

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