Thursday, June 25, 2009

Paradise Lost

From Philip Yancey's work with Dr. Brand...

It's interesting how much of the world fights against medical plagues like
dengue fever
People in those societies might think, "If we could just get rid of these things, we'd be in paradise."

In the U.S., we have essentially eliminated the list above. The US list would be
tobacco-related cancers and illnesses
drug-related conditions
It's the condition of the world is that even paradise creates its own plagues.



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Game for Work

Who can be the first to use the words on this list (without misstep) in conversation at the coffee shop? I'm going to w i n!! :o)

Torpid: sluggish or numb
Pert: saucily free and forward
Scrappy: having an aggressive and determined spirit
Trappings: outward decoration or dress
Seesaw (v.): back and forth; to change one's mind

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fruity Dirt (still editing)

From Matthew 13 and a visit to PCBC June 14th.

The tenuous fate of scattered seeds
crash-landing somewhat haphazardly
Depends on the dirt, grounded in the earth
nurturing fruit, or spiritual loot ...
What will become of the seeds?

Seeds in the road are crushed
By the weight of cruising cars
Birds swoop down and munch on crumbs that could've been gardens
but the seed cannot see fruition
digested too early by theives

Seeds in the rocky soil produce shoots
that are spindly and weak
wither in the sun, bend in the wind
Can't hold their own weight,
let alone bear nourishing yield

Seeds in the weedy areas get taken over
by invasive species that grow quickly
and are hard to corral once they start.
The harvest is thorny commotion
The fruit is strangled and bland

I want to be faithful with the seeds. I want to produce fruit with immediate relevance and eternal consequence.

I pray for the good soil, but I can see myself as each of these others. My heart is hardened, and I don't digest the truth I hear. My heart is untilled, shallow, and filled with a thousand songs. I want to be focused, diligent, and repentant... <-----in a way that involves dancing around the living room, lots of grilling and baking, p90x, and crafting with textiles, if possible. :o) ??

laughing, fighting, living...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thanks Nickel

Love is always worth the risk. Some part of my head has always known that. Some part of my heart never bought it.

Some time ago, a good friend said something like, "Aubrey, how can you love too much? Can you ever really give so much of yourself that you run out?"

People pass one another like cars on the highway. We're all vaguely considering destinations, driving tunes, and bathroom breaks. We're going different speeds, taking different routes, and waving at various traveling companions along the way.

Today, a friend who had recently started spending some time at the house with K took his life. It is surreal, unfathomable, maddening, and absolutely wasteful. These feelings are quite a jumble in me. As hard as it is to make sense of all of this, the sum of my experience with this guy is greater than the loss. I think K would say the same. That is to say, when the answer to "what's the worst that could happen?" happens, love is still worth it.

Love is exponential. The more you give, the more you have to give. The less you give, the more hardened your (my) heart becomes. Life is a gift, not a rat race. Each moment we have to know someone is a blessing. Satan is a clever bastard who knows how to twist truth into despair and pain into hopelessness. He wants to rob our lives in whatever way he can. The Lord is justice and light. He will have the final say.

My friend was right. There is no such thing as too much love. There is such a thing as too few moments. Life is too short to waste a second on anything less than 100% love for those in our lives . . . however quickly we pass on the highway.

Evil sucks. The devil is the ultimate deceiver. I want justice.