The Case of Kinkos Catydid

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I can't say I ever thought a bug was cute. When I was a kid, I thought they were squishy and fun, but nevah c u t e. Yesterday changed my mind.

I went to Kinkos to (finally!) print some copies of some photos I've been meaning to frame. It was drizzly and soupy out. The Romanian dudes next to me at the Rent-a-Puter were soaked in Axe. "What's up?" yourself.

I printed my pictures and put them under my shirt while I sprinted across the concrete lagoon to my car. I was deep in thought, planning my smoothest merge into crazy-six-o'-clock-traffic when I turned, responding to some natural awareness of eyes on me.

There was a leaf bug (or so I THOUGHT) with its head carefully cocked to one side, staring at me. Observe the following:

How did it get in my car? How could I get it OUT of my car?

Somehow, I couldn't bring myself to kill it; I couldn't "shoo" it either. So, I ignored it.

It showed up at random times over the course of the next two days--perched on the back seat, head cocked to one side.

Strange that a wild little bug could look so interested. I wonder if it thought I was a tree. Had we coexisted long enough, perhaps Catydid (yeah, I Googled it) would be Aubreyflauged.

Hmmm... and these are the days of my life. ;P

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