The Real Church of the South

Thursday, September 24, 2009

is college ball.
The question isn't what pew you warm on Sunday, it's who will you be rooting for AFTER church?

Real Southern Ladies talk softly, get their nails done weekly, and scream like banshees for Georgia Tech.

1. Let's be real. I don't really care about football. I do like things that bring people together and get their spirits up.

2. It's a good excuse to hang out and make copious quantities of chicken wings.

3. If I cared, I would most assuredly be a UGA fan. Something about little Ugga XXXII warms my heart. Georgia Tech fans always strike me as a bit pretentious. Engineer degree? You can design a field, but honey, can you run it?

4. Let's be real. I am not a Southern Lady (more a mule than a peach). I like "down home" folks, and if football is a part of that, bring it on! However, if I have to *love* football to be a part of your circle of friends, save my invitation to your birthday party.

Playing > Watching. Love. Sun.


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