The Big Picture

Sunday, January 3, 2010

There is a couple I respect very much. They have been such good friends and have set an example I aspire to emulate.

They have a pretty strict budget. One time, M was talking about Budgeting, and she said something like, "We are hard on ourselves because we want to spend our money on what's really important to us."

Looking at the big picture really helps.

The bottom line is-- I have more than all I want. I have more than all I need. By the grace of God, I've paid off most of my debts, and can spend my money with better intentions. I have a plan/schedule/vision for my finances, and keeping faithful to the plan is so important to me that I will not fritter away money on bubble gum, fancy crackers, and clothes!

This is pretty exciting! I love you, envelope system.

New Year. New Focus. Wind in my Sails.


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