Kitung Mak Mak

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Literally "I miss lots lots."

Sometimes, I miss Thailand mak mak. Most of the world lives in Community. They live so much in community, that it's common to see three or four people cruising down the road on a single moped. They live so much in community that there's no such thing as "cheating" in a classroom. They live so much in community that parties begin before dawn with all the local grannies and GIT (grannies in training) convening with seasonal fruits and utensils under the hostess's house. A buffet isn't BYOHD (that's hot dish, not high def), it's COAMSTS (come over, and make something to share).

That's right.

I made my haupia in my Free-At-Last-Free-At-Last kitchen, but now that it's chilling in the fridge, I'm wondering if the task, nay life itself, might be just a splash sweeter surrounded by the gaggle of a true neighborhood.

Maybe the Independence of our culture is an illusion anyway.


Coconuts. Pineapples. Marinade.


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