A Road Diverged--Wrecked

Monday, September 13, 2010

One side of my car looked perfect; the other side was pretty banged up.  You can see part of the other car's tail-light stuck in my door.  I'm still trying to figure out their angle when they hit us.

The car came around this corner on Hwy 20 in Canton.  If you look up on the shoulder, you can see my parents' car pulled over and my mom walking toward us.  This was almost exactly where the other car hit us . . . only when I stopped the car, I was in the oncoming lane trying to avoid a head-on collision with the silver CRV.

The lady took out the guard rail before ricocheting off it.  She said she was only going 50 around the curve.

I love you Car, but I'm not even sad about your bruises . . . because my Girls are ok.  I'm a little apalled that the lady said, "This is the second time I've gotten in a wreck in this vehicle!  My tires lost traction with the road" after something like this.  What if someone had been hurt??  Get new tires, slow down, or better yet, b.o.t.h., but don't act so nonchalant about nearly killing a bunch of people.  por favor.

Scary.  Miracle.  Adrenaline. 

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