I'm in Love with a Church

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I grew up wearing gloves on Easter and sitting in a wooden pew ... sometimes padded.

I grew up learning about Jesus, Mary, and Joseph by way of artful felt-backed, strangely Caucasion flannel-board peeps.

I grew up sitting in "Adult" church alone while Mom taught Sunday School; Kel WENT to Sunday School; Dad stayed home. I heard about Solomon, who asked God for wisdom, and then biked around the neighborhood asking for wisdom and asking God what He meant that I should fear Him.  How could I love someone and fear them at the same time?  I decided to bury my favorite stuffed animal as a love offering to God!  Once a strange kid, always a strange kid.

And the pedulum swings.

Things changed in college when I decided gloves and skirts were as good as prison, and respect was more of an attitude than an attire.

Things changed in college when I learned about Grace, Wine, Music, Gambling, Cussing, and Freedom.

Things changed in college when I rolled my windows down on a rainy Missouri night and screamed at God, "If you're so powerful, how could YOU LET this HAPPEN?"  . . . and I had no fear.   And if there was love in my heart, I couldn't find it.

And the pendulum swings.

So, tonight I went to a church where I studied "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" in the red hymnal while waiting on a green fuzzy pew for everyone to gather in the chapel.

I heard Paul's words to the Romans and the "10 cents" of a humble preacher-man.

I went to a new church tonight.  I didn't count them, but I think 17-people, ranging in age from 35 to 75 shook my hand and called me by name (Hey, there's a first-timer sitting in the front by Terry.  Psst.  Her name is Aubrey.).  Seventeen.  My heart was so raw from all the love that I almost cried (Hey, there's a crazy woman sitting in the front by Terry.  Psst.  Her name is Aubrey.).  :P  I praised God in my heart because He is greater than the sunset and the sunny days he crafts, and yet, crazy enough that He keeps poking me in the ribs.  I'm here. I love you. I'm here. I love you. I'm here. I love you.

Redeemed and Redeeming.  Ying Yang Tick Tock.  Inhale Exhaaaaale.

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