Strolling with Friends

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I don't like moving on.  Digging in my heels, gritting my teeth, and flipping my chin to the sky, I usually refuse to do it.  The feeling of looking at something gorgeous in the rearview mirror fingernails my chalkboards in a way I hate.  When something rare and wonderful spends a season in my life, I wish for Fall forever . . . or Summer, or Spring, or even Winter. 

But I'm wrong.  I know I'm wrong.  I'm the teenager wearing shorts in a blizzard.  I'm the pioneer whose lantern isn't lit, and the sun has gone down.  I'm holding on to friendships that passed me by when I wasn't watching.

Change is as real as the skin on our bones.  We shed about 2-million skin cells an hour!  Time changes everything, even friendships.  Friends are friends forever, but maybe the same friends aren't friends in the same ways forever.

It's time for me to wake up and start paying attention.

Need more iron. Mums. Zippies.


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