Moving and Grooving (and somewhat sappy) V-Day Playlist

Sunday, February 13, 2011

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Yeah, Baby!  Those of you who have a honey this year, use this playlist at your own risk. 

1.  What's Going On-- Marvin Gaye
2.  Paperweight--Joshua Radin
3.  Let's Get It On--Marvin Gaye
4.  You Do Something to Me-- Frank Sinatra
5.  The Point of it All--Anthony Hamilton
6.  Where you Are--Marc Broussard
7.  Sunshine--Josh Rouse
8.  I'm the Man who Loves you--wilco
9.  You Sexy Thing--Hot Chocolate
10.  Never Knew I Needed--Ne-Yo
11.  Fly Me Away--Annie Little
12.  Two Coins--Dispatch
13.  Stole My Heart-- Marcus Ashley and Annie Little
14.  Here is a Heart--Jenny Owen Youngs
15.  God Gave Me You--Dave Barnes
16.  Feel the Blast--Waterdeep
17.  Groove Me-- King Floyd
18.  You Shook Me All Night Long--ACDC
19.  Let My Love Open the Door--Pete Townshend
20.  Green Eyes--Coldplay
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A and I

Monday, February 7, 2011

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Today, I read -Bark, George- to two little kindergarten girls near downtown ATL. It made me remember the good ol' librarian days. I always loved kindergarten storytime! :)
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Southern Surgical Associates

Sunday, February 6, 2011

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$250 for a half-hour consultation.
That's $500 per hour.
That's $4000 per 8/hr day.

When doctors gripe about the changes in insurance company policies/procedures, I will no longer feel a twinge of sympathy.  Here's how my consultation went:

Me:  I have this issue; can you fix it?
Doctor:  Yes
Me:  Ok, let's set up an appointment.
Doctor:  Ok, these dates work for me.
Me:  Ok, sounds good.

There should be consumer reports for doctors.  I give this one three giant, He-Man sized thumbs down.
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I lost my voice a few days ago, and it has been interesting.  This is the first time I've lost my voice completely, and here's what I'm noticing.

1.  Most people talk louder when they realize I can't speak.  Hrm?  It's MY voice that's volume-challenged, not  yours!
2.  I can't use the Starbucks drive thru.
3.  I talk and sing to myself quite a bit apparently... I miss that.  :(
4.  Teaching is really challenging without a voice.  Though it was hilarious trying to use a Brit-talking chipmunk courtesy to talk to teach!  Haha. 
5.  I can't take care of customer service-type issues.
6.  My parents don't like to text.  Pooo.
7.  I feel kind of trapped.  I need to invent a whistle that screams like Mr. T.
8.  Many people are really illiterate when it comes to lip reading.  They don't even want to try.  Pffft. Pffffft.
9.  It's kind of nice to be quiet sometimes.
10.  I'm really happy for the Steelers right now.  Really, they're scrappy.  I can't cheer for them though---not today.
11.  The only sign language I know is the middle finger.  I guess it's time to work on that!  :P

I want my voice back.  And if it sounds a little less like Sh-owen Wilson when it returns, that would be ok, too.  ;P

trapped.  silent.  raspy.

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