Moving and Grooving (and somewhat sappy) V-Day Playlist

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yeah, Baby!  Those of you who have a honey this year, use this playlist at your own risk. 

1.  What's Going On-- Marvin Gaye
2.  Paperweight--Joshua Radin
3.  Let's Get It On--Marvin Gaye
4.  You Do Something to Me-- Frank Sinatra
5.  The Point of it All--Anthony Hamilton
6.  Where you Are--Marc Broussard
7.  Sunshine--Josh Rouse
8.  I'm the Man who Loves you--wilco
9.  You Sexy Thing--Hot Chocolate
10.  Never Knew I Needed--Ne-Yo
11.  Fly Me Away--Annie Little
12.  Two Coins--Dispatch
13.  Stole My Heart-- Marcus Ashley and Annie Little
14.  Here is a Heart--Jenny Owen Youngs
15.  God Gave Me You--Dave Barnes
16.  Feel the Blast--Waterdeep
17.  Groove Me-- King Floyd
18.  You Shook Me All Night Long--ACDC
19.  Let My Love Open the Door--Pete Townshend
20.  Green Eyes--Coldplay

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