Sunday, April 10, 2011

I was reading the other day about Biblical Jonathan, the warrior prince, son of Saul, brother-of-another-mother to David. There's a part of his story that mentions his armor-carrier. This is a guy I'd never considered before(thanks, Beth Moore).

So, Israel is waging this bloody battle with the Philistines, and without permission from or word to the Commander (dear old Dad), Jonathan goes rogue and says to his servant something like, "Dude, let's climb these deadly cliffs and attack these *^%#<%^s (my Bible says "uncircumcised fellows") "maybe the Lord will help us out."

So, the armor carrier says, "Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul." I think a better translation of that might be,"HooYAH!":p

There's something about a brother. There's something about a sister. There's something about someone you know will be standing at your back when the blood and bones settle.

It seems like everyone is looking for love. OHkay. I am, too. But maybe we've got it backwards. The excitement of Love is a chemical cocktail that's gone in 18 months. I think the relationships that last are between friends and lovers who face the cliffs back-to-back. "do all that you have in mind. Go ahead, I am with you heart and soul." hooyah:)

Jonathan and Unnamed Armor Guy with God's Hand, killed 20 men, sent the Philistines into panic mode, and saved the Israelites.

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