Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

To a guy who . . .
1.  Manages to be artistic while wearing steel-studded boots.
2.  Answers the phone with a daily "Jimmy John's Flower Shop" or "Jimmy John's Racecar Emporium"
3.  Keeps life balanced with a ready array of spicy candies and jars of red pepper flakes.
4.  Spent a 6-hour drive as the navigator--inventing crazy band names with me.
5.  Is so silly sometimes the glimpses of deep wisdom he dishes are sometimes shocking.
6.  Saved a lady from a giant cheese grater . . . and refuses to take credit or tell me the story (again).
7.  Loves my mom more than he did when he met her.
8.  Mows his lovely cottage-sized yard in 4.5 minutes with a Orange Husqvarna Zero-Turn Lawn Tractor (full speed ahead)
9. Is more "Jimmy Stewart" than Jimmy Stewart.
10.  Has been a really great dad.

Thanks, Pops.  You're one in a billion!  I'm really glad you guys came to town.  :)

Love.  Father's Day.  Daughter.


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