On a Better Bite, Sugo, Iberian Pig, Castellucci Review

Saturday, June 25, 2011
I'm not sure how to find words to express how much I love the Castelluccis!  They're an Atlanta-area hospitality group who could open a sardine dessert shop, and I'd try it!  I'm so impressed with everything about their style.

Let's start with Sugo, shall we?  :)  The first time I went, it was my birthday-- a Monday night, incidentally.  The pillowed benches were peppered with business people getting after-work-cocktails.  I was absolutely floored by the unique Greek-Italian flavor combinations!  Little bites of bacon-wrapped dates-- sweet and salty, a giant meatball--fresh and bright.  After sampling a variety of small plates and drinking a few glasses of wine, my friend and I noticed it was near closing time-- which in my experience in food service-- especially on a Monday night, finds servers glancing at their watches.  Not here.  Stephanie Castellucci, who was hanging at the bar, seemed unconcerned about time-- the staff seemed more like family hanging out than a group of harried wait staff ready to clock out.  Before I left, my server brought us dessert and a glass of a light moscato, and I was in Heaven-- I mean it.

The next year, again on my birthday, I decided to try another Castellucci establishment--The Iberian Pig-- in the ultra-hip part of downtown Decatur.  I ordered a cheese plate and a whiskey old fashioned while I waited for my stuck-in-traffic dining buddy.  My server was very knowledgable and friendly.  Again, the food was amazing and creative-- different from anything that you'll find anywhere else.  Again, the service was exceptional-- and I say that as someone who has waited tables for years-- it was exceptional.

"Mr. C." the head of the Castellucci clan and Nancy, his wife, are a class act and such a dynamic duo.  Northeast transplants, we're really lucky to have them and their kids running these beautiful restaurants in the Atlanta area.

If you're looking for a "sure thing" for drinks-after-work, an impressive first date, or a culinary adventure, these restaurants are just a reservation away. 

Love.  Castelluccis.  Spine-Tingling-Greatness

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