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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday afternoon, I was on a mission to explore another area Thai restaurant.  I immediately thought of Thai Star as its yellow sign winked at me for a year when I lived near its home on the intersection of Peachtree Industrial and Medlock Bridge in Gwinnett.  Though it's an hour from where I live now, I buckled up and decided to try it.

I cruised through the quirky revolving door and was seated immediately.  I ordered the rat naa, expecting this version as I had too many times from street shops in Sakhon Nakhon ราดหน้า.  Thanks, Wikipedia for the photo.

I asked about som tam, and my server's eyes narrowed, "No, we don't have that."  ส้มตำ

I asked for a Thai iced coffee and never got it.

Meanwhile, the Thai server girls working at the time rolled silverware and chatted about someone's "jai dahm"--black heart . . . or black skin. 

I got my rat naa gai --which was a stir fry with steamed rice on the side in about 2-minutes.  The vegetables were crisp-tender and bright.  The sauce was slightly sweet.  The food was good.  The bill landed on my table after the second bite.

If you have no expectations when it comes to Thai food or service, try this place.   If you want an authentic Thai experience, don't.  In Thailand (and good Thai restaurants),

  • the table is set with a quad of condiments which might include:  fish sauce, chilies in vinegar, siracha, sugar, peanuts, dried chili powder, etc.  Not here.
  • the place setting includes a fork and a giant spoon.  Not here.
  • the shop keepers are accomodating, sometimes to the extreme, and after a few visits, can feel like family.  Not here.
I see many of the reviews for this restaurant are positive, so maybe I'll go back and see if the service is better, but what a disappointing lunch.


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