Tornado Closet

Monday, September 5, 2011

I guess it's not all bad that I'm stranded in a tornado closet with dog treats, spicy V8, water, Pandora, and 11 Alive.

My Chore List

1.  Email Grandpa.  Do they have tornadoes in South Dakota?  Lucky Duckies.  Ok.  Maybe I would rather have a tornado than a blizzard.

2.  Finish my IRB Training (ethical research) for Grad School.  Yeeha!  I've been waiting for a special time to do that.  :) yep.  A real special time.

3.  Brush up on my Bruce Hornsby and Genesis lyrics.  Nothing like 80s piano ballads when storms are nigh.

4.  Create new seating charts for next week.  I wonder if I could organize the desks in a zig-zag pattern for a change? 

Today would be a really good day for a basement, a movie marathon, or a wrestling competition.

Beneficence. Belmont Principles.  Promulgated.  AaaaaaaHHH..

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