Fire Stone Wood Fired Pizza in Woodstock

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thanks to the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce for this photo.  I borrowed it from their website.  ;)

On a random Friday, late-afternoon, I was checking out some more of the local shops with my mom, and we veered into the parking lot of this new pizza joint downtown for an early-dinner-dining-adventure. 

We had no idea what to expect, so it was a happy surprise to find a creative jewel inside.  The decor hearkens to campfires and woodsy Colorado ski lodges, which fits this place's  woodfire specialty very well.  One wall is lined with a bar while the area facing the door houses the open kitchen, so you can see the chefs tossing dough disks as you walk in.  The dishes are tin and campy, the servers wear plaid with their jeans, and a back room with French doors and a huge fireplace screams "pizza party" . . . okay, maybe ... uptown pizza party.

Not only is the decor creative, but the food is worth the long hike way-outta-the-Perimeter.  I had a beet salad with a citrus dressing, pistachios, and some sharp frisee.  It was a great combination of sharp, sweet, and crunch, with a bright orange finish.  Yum!

We shared a sausage pizza with shaved mozerella and homemade sausage on a good, but not legendary, chewy-smoky-sweet woodfired crust.  I've been spoiled for all other crusts by the Alpine Bakery in Alpharetta/Milton.  :P

The coffee is good.  There's a wine list.  They have a couple good beers on draft.  If they had a few leather chairs, I think I might sit in front of that fireplace and stay a while.  It's a fun place to try for you culinary adventurers.

And while you're on this side (outta) town, walk across the street, and check out Blue Frog Imports.  It's a narrow incense and whatnots shop that goes back for yards.  You'll find everything from scarves and imported Indian jewelery to repurposed license plates made into bracelets and handcrafted metal artistic garden decor.  There's a lot to check out in this shop, and when you buy, you support a couple of locals.  Bring a twenty, and prepare to have a good time dropping it. 

Adventures on Atlanta's skirts.  The outer skirts.  A living, breathing, downtown.


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