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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Growing up, my sister and I used to play house and talk about what life would be like when we were old (back when old meant 25).  She would live on a farm and have kids and bake cookies while rocking fabulous hair and telling hilarious jokes, and I would live in the city and have kids and bake chocolate chip cookies with cinnamon and toasted pecans (please) and blend orange fizzies.  Ha.

When I was 21, I took a trip to Chicago to check out a graduate program, and while I was there, I ran into someone in a train station who was applying for Peace Corps.  I don't actually remember much from this encounter, but she said she had to go overseas now ... that grad school could wait.  I was jealous!  :)  I looked at her, starting her post-undergrad life "giving back" with the world at her feet and new expereinces ahead, and I wanted to be in her shoes.  So, I applied for Peace Corps, and her shoes became my shoes, and they led me in a brand new direction.

A few weeks ago, I claimed to have lived in every nook of this sprawling city of Atlanta.  Someone called me out, saying I'd never actually lived in the city at all.  Uh, yes I ...well, no I haven't.  ;P  While simmering on ideas of moving inland, I found this letter from Gram.

It seems like a confirmation to me of a new chapter.  It's time to get packing and get crackin...errr.  Maybe just packing.  ;P

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