Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Single Girl's Thoughts ... On *What it Takes*

So, I've seen a lot of couples who really make it work, and I've been asking myself:  What's the difference?  Some of these couples are a man and woman who really have a lot in common, and some of the couples are people who have almost nothing in common--so how do they make it work?  I don't really think it's about attraction or common interests-- though those are really, really important.  I think the bottom line must be some of these things:

1.  Willingness to Compromise-- Can both people work at resolving conflicts in a way that works for both of them? 

2.  Concern for the Other-- If both people are concerned about the other person's needs first, everyone is satisfied.  I know this can't always happen, but isn't that the true definition of love?  Thinking of the other person first.

3.  Desire to Learn and Grow-- If both people can adapt and learn from each other and are willing to modify and adjust as they go to find what works for everyone, I think that's huge.  Also, I think if both people are continually learning and growing as people, maybe having things to say to one another after 20-years gets a little easier.  :)

Now to see what my pro relationship friends think of my list.  ;) 

Pondering. Nitty.  Gritty.

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