Homework Two, Draft One

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I loved the sermon this morning.  It's one of those "YOU, talkin' ta ME?" talks.  Check out the Kings series: http://www.northpointonline.tv/

Anyway, it made me think about kings and how their job description naturally leads to some common struggles, symptoms, and benefits. So here's an expository draft for my class.

R-- King Henry VIII
A-- Other Men...wanting to be kings
F--Expository Letter (advice)
T--Be an Epic King, like me
T-- Pompous, Matter-of-Fact

King Me

Dear Man,

You are merely a man at this point, aren't  you?  You are in luck, however, Mere Man, for fate has delivered you a valuable tool . . . if you choose to use it.  Many have traveled far for such advice as this, and I am offering it to you freely, King to mortal.  But if you hear me, you won't be mortal for long.  Read this letter, and follow these steps, and a throne of your own will soon follow.

Your first course of action as king must be to make rules.  Without order, after all, is a kingdom even worth ruling? One of the major benefits of being king is the freedom to break the very rules you make, so make sure to bend your own rules immediately.  As soon as you get comfortable, break a few.  Laugh loudly.  Then, break a few more.  I rearranged quite a few rules during my term, including forbidding Pope Clement, the Church, from making regulations without my permission. 

Next, every supreme king has his queen, so decide how you will manage your female partnership.  I have read of some men who preferred harems and harems of females, but I found one at a time was almost more than I could manage.  When I tired of them, I annulled.

If you are going to be a king of renown, you must find a way to show off your golden glow.  My father, king before me, was very thrifty with money.  But you don't know his name, do you?  When I inherited by Godly Right as King, there were only 12 palaces in the kingdom.  By the end of my life, I had over 50. All subjects could revel in my splendor.

Ok, to bed.  I'll finish this tomorrow.  :)

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