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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Since I'm up, I might as well start my writing assignment!  A persuasive/argumentative piece....about....about...about...about...something fresh that I haven't heard been griping about... Hrm. Why does my mind always wander to deep-sea fishing at times like this? 

ROLE: iPhone
AUDIENCE: Middle Schoolers
FORMAT: Complaint Letter
TONE: Weary, Annoyed (like a loving older brother)

Put me down!  Your eyes are glazed over again.  Give me some time to rest and recharge.  Dude, you've spent more time with your fake Facebook family than your little sister this week.  Isn't it a little soon for you to fake-marry Lisa anyway? It's time for a break. 


AUDIENCE:  Man-Cackler or Aging Party Boy
FORMAT: Letter
TOPIC:  Turn it Down
TONE:  Getting Sleepy

AUDIENCE: Socrates
FORMAT:  Letter
TOPIC:  Maybe truth really is upside down
TONE:  Wondering

ROLE:  Madonna
A:  Lourdes
F:  Complaint Letter
T:  Only the best floral arrangements for the best
T:  Simplistic, dogmatic, patronizing (like her books)

R: baby
A: parent
F: note
T: please give me something to believe in
T: pleading, hopeful

R: historical site
A:  donald trump or other mogul
F: letter
T:  please let me survive
T: proud, intense

Ok, I think I'm tired, and I think I like the last idea best.  Maybe I'll write as Underground Atlanta....Revive me! 

For now, one more try at this sleep business before the 2nd starts fo real.

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