Toasty Sandwich Recipe

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Often, my favorite recipes come from the look-at-the-oddball-crew-left-in-my-fridge game.  I think it's fun to think of ways to combine ingredients.  Sometimes, it fails:  think sweet potatoes, pork roast, and Granny Smith.  Hrm.  Sometimes, it leads to fabulous sandwiches like this one!  Try it.


1 cucumber
1 small red onion
1/2 cup vinegar
a few slices of turkey bacon
1 gorgeous ripe tomato
2 slices whole wheat bread
A teaspoon of mayonnaise if you like

1.  Slice cucumber and onion into thin-ish slices, and mix in a small bowl with vinegar.  Let mellow, tossing now and then.  Just take a little peek:

2.  Bake turkey bacon on a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan for 20-minutes on 350 degrees (I think it's less messy than the frypan)
3.  Slice tomato and toast bread
4.  Assemble by mayonnaising toast, adding tomato, topping with turkey bacon and spooning on a spoonful of cucumber/onion.  The vinegar cuts that sharp oniony taste and leaves a light, crispy-sweet, slightly onion flavor. 
5.  Pour a glass of moscato or your my favorite unsweet (we have to say that in the South) peach iced tea, and enjoy! 

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