Booting: Rights versus Gifts

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dear Medical Bracing Bootie,
Wearing you has taught me a little more about being thankful.  Since I learned to walk, I've considered it my right as a human being to wander across rooms, skip through parks, and saunter into restaurants. 
Spoiled Me, huh?  You see, it's easy to forget. 
It's easy to forget that every moment I wake up, breathing, it's a miracle. 
It's easy to forget that every time I open my eyes, they interpret light for me, and I understand it.
It's easy to forget that I can command bones, tendons, muscles, ligaments to work together to lift my body out of bed . . . all with some gray mush between my ears.
It's a miracle.  It's not a human right.  It's a huge gift.
It's so good to be walking again (and carrying coffee cups).
ehem.  With your help, of course.
Thanks again, you elastic, orthopedic, foamy shoe.

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