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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A few months ago, some friends of mine from out of town had a layover in the Atlanta Airport.  They asked an airport employee for some suggestions of sites to see on a limited agenda.  The airport employee told them to take MARTA, our public transportation "train" to  . . .

Lenox Mall.

Lenox Mall.

Lenox Mall is a ritzy mall famous for handbags and timepieces, but it's a mall just like any other.

I said, "Why the heck didn't you call me?"

The best thing about Atlanta, for visitors, is that it's more than just one tightly-clustered city center, it's a collection of a hundred neighborhoods.  Each neighborhood has its own personality, downtown, and vibe.

One of my favorites is Woodstock, about 30-minutes northwest of the city.  It's built around the railroad tracks.
I met my mom near there for lunch today, so I grabbed a few photos.
It's artsy.
It's got great local restaurants.

... and then there's the legendary town turkey.  Sadly, Bob was killed in traffic after becoming the town pet--often racing cars in the downtown 25 MPH zone.

Spring Break.  Mom lunches.  Love.

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